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Discount Infomation

Firstly, use “CHEAPOP5” to save 5% off your order.

Secondly, pay with western union to get another 6% off.

Bigger Discount? Make a review video to get 10$~$30.

If you are satisfied with our shoes and would like to share with others you can film and upload one view on your YouTube channel and link to us.

Following are some suggestions about the video

1. Make a whole video, talking about the shoes, shipping, customs and our shop.

2. The video should last  at least 3 minutes with the shoes’ name in the title.

3. Put the shoes’ link and our contact information in the video’s description.

If possible, shout out on your other SNS, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

When done please write to us. We will offer you a $20~$30 coupon for your next order or $10~$20 in cash.